5 Types of Men You Should NEVER Trust

You’re dating a man who’s been lying to you, cheating on you, or being unfaithful. In this article, I’ll explain to you 5 types of men you should never trust – disloyalty, unfaithfulness, narcissism, and casanovas. These men are all terrible options – don’t waste your time with them!

Dishonest men

These men are unreliable, selfish, and egoistic. They are unlikely to be the other half of a healthy relationship. They are also known as players. They will tell you everything they want you to know about themselves, yet they will never live up to their promises. They will also make you feel uncomfortable by not being forthcoming with your needs or desires. Here are 5 of these types of men, and how to spot them.

Unfaithful men

These men are not trustworthy, and you can never trust them. You can never trust them because they don’t make up the other half of a healthy relationship. These men are often referred to as players, and they only care about being neutral between the two of them. They will lie to you and play games with your emotions to win your trust. There are some ways you can tell if he is dishonest:


These men may appear incredibly attractive, but they are often cheating on their partners for many reasons. One of the most common reasons men cheat on women is that they are more attractive than their own partners. It doesn’t matter how much they work to earn the woman’s trust, she’ll still cheat on a hot guy just because he looks good. Good genes mean good looks, so if a man is good looking, he’s likely to cheat on you.

Unfaithful men are often desperate for attention and sexual admiration. They assume another person can meet those needs and make their partners happy. Sexually immature men are likely to cheat because they don’t understand the repercussions of their actions. They may not realize the consequences of their actions and see monogamy as a jacket and think they can get away with it.

Narcissistic men

Listed below are five characteristics of narcissistic men. They believe they are better than everyone else. They expect others to be obedient to their wishes and demands. They take other people’s opinions and feelings for granted, and will often exaggerate their accomplishments. Whether you are narcissistic or not, it’s important to know that narcissistic men often take offense when they don’t get their way.

The Oblivious Type: Those with this type of personality are generally self-absorbed and lack empathy. They often project a victim image or feel entitled to your approval. They will make you feel inferior and unlovable in bed. Exhibitionist Type: If you have an inflated opinion of yourself, it is likely you’re dating a narcissist. They tend to rely on gifts to make themselves feel better than other people.

During your conversations with a narcissist, be wary of the things he says. He’ll say things that are meant to confuse you. He’ll tell you things like: “No one likes me” to keep you dependent on him. Narcissistic men will make you feel guilty about hurting him. They won’t feel guilty about their actions.



You should stay away from a Casanova because these men are prone to be possessive. Though possessiveness is common in human behavior, it’s a red flag for a Casanova. Unlike other types of men, Casanovas don’t trust their partners, and their problems will show in their behavior. They will only stay around until they feel that they can enjoy your company. Consequently, Casanovas are not a good candidate to date or marry.

Those who have fallen victim to Casanovas should avoid them. To protect yourself from these types of men, make sure you bring your whole self to the table. Bring your heart, passions, and sense of humor, and be careful not to break the law. If you are dating a Casanova, be sure to ask plenty of questions and be attentive to the things that he tells you.

If you’re going on a date with a Casanova, you should ask her about her life, hobbies, and interests. You should never fake your interest, because it won’t create a strong connection with her and will only lead to her realizing that you’re not interested. By asking her questions about herself, you’ll show that you’ve taken the time to get to know her, and you’ll end up with a good idea for the next date.

Selfish men

Selfishness and arrogance often go hand-in-hand, and these two traits are common in men. Selfish men are always talking about themselves, and dating Mr. dishonest can be emotionally draining. He will promise things, but not keep them. He will also fabricate stories about himself that you’ll never be able to verify. Ultimately, this type of guy is not someone you should trust.